12 easy marketing tactics that can help you generate leads.

A digital marketing agency.

So, you are running a digital marketing agency.


Let me tell you a short story.

It was during the summer of 2015, that I got myself registered for a digital marketing course.

It was not that hugely popular. But, yeah – It was picking up.

2017 – I got an opportunity to implement things.

Worked, for a friend who had his online training portal, and tasks taken in hand was;

=> Website design (Development was done by a freelancer).

=> Website copy.

=> Plan marketing and sales tactics.

=> Facebook Posts (Copy + design).

=> Paid Facebook promotions.

=> Lead generation.

=> Email Marketing.

=> Sales (Converting leads into sales)

We also used google ads (Paid ads) to generate leads, but that was being taken care of by a freelancer.

The agreement was, all money will be invested by him and I will get 25% on revenue generation.


Why did I tell you this?


So, I told you this to know that my first client was a friend.

I choose to work with a friend because I know;

  1. He is genuine – I have spent time with him.
  2. He is dedicated to the end goal.
  3. He is not going to do any types of fraudulent activity.
  4. I will get to experiment – test things which in general will be difficult.
  5. Failure will be backed by a new trial – Not an argument.
  6. I am going to get the money that I am being promised of.

This was a great learning experience for me. And, yeah I did make some money.

2018 – I started taking up freelancing works, focusing on;

  1. Website copywriting.
  2. Business collaterals copy.
  3. Social media posts.
  4. Email marketing copy.
  5. Digital Marketing business plan.

This journey was smooth, Zero negativity and all happy faces.

2019 – I started focusing on getting clients.

I hired freelancers and people who could work on the projects and take it ahead.

Mine is a long on/off association with the digital marketing industry.

Currently, this is my bread and butter.

I have created a mix of marketing tactics that helps me generate leads and convert them into my clients.

Here are the tactics I use.

  1. Traditional Marketing.
  2. Network marketing.
  3. List building.
  4. Email marketing.
  5. SEO.
  6. Blogging.
  7. Podcast.
  8. Quora.
  9. Facebook Marketing.
  10. Instagram Marketing.
  11. Linkedin Marketing.
  12. Video Marketing.

Lets me explain a bit more, it will help you understand things and implement them in a better way.

Traditional Marketing.

I still believe in the power of traditional marketing, does not matter how much strong digital marketing gets, people are still going to buy a newspaper (At least for a decade or 2), people are still going to buy magazines, calendars are still going to stay. Postcards still hold a special place in a few people’s life. Radio still works.

I use almost all of them (Haven’t tried calendar though), to connect with my target audience.

I still send a personalised handwritten postcard to my prospects, it creates a personal connection.

Try it, people love to be cared.

Network Marketing:

If you can do this, believe me, you will never need any other marketing tactics to grow. I got my first 12 clients all of them through this.

I gave my free blog writing service to one guy, I did not know about his network’s worth.

He got so happy with my write up and the engagement that he got out of that, he referred me to 3 guys, and the chain continued. 2 years down the line they still work with me.

Start working on networking with people who can add value to your digital marketing agency.

List Building:

This is my personal favourite.

This works like a charm, all that you need to do is to create a DIY guide for your target audience. Create it around a problem that they have and give it to them for free in the form of a PDF or mail, all that they need to get it is, they need to fill the form (Lead magnet), if you are giving something worthy people will fill the form and claim the guide.

Now you can use the email ids that you have to send them emails and promote your services.

Email Marketing:

This, my friend, is the silent conversion tool. This does not make any noise but…

Oh boy…

Email marketing has helped me sell automation courses worth 20L+ in 14 months.

Email marketing works best when you;

  1. Have an attractive promotion.
  2. A subject line that hooks.
  3. A catchy description.
  4. Relevant call to action button.

Search Engine Optimisation:

My digital marketing agency website is active since last year Dec, and I have recently started optimising my website for search engine.

As, of now we are working for 4 different clients on SEO part for their website, and we have started getting the result.

SEO helps you in;

  1. Creating and distributing content that your target audience connects with.
  2. Establishing authority about your website.
  3. Getting more organic web traffic.
  4. Increased lead count.


I am running 4 different blogging site, and all of them are connected to digital marketing, I make sure that I write 5 blogs for them respectively. This makes 20 blogs in a month. All of the blogs that I write for my website is of more than 1000 words, a few blogs you may find here and there which will be less than 100o words – These will be updated soon.

Blogging if done in a good way, shows your authority.

It tells about the knowledge that you have in the industry.

when you write a blog, make sure that it is well optimised for search engines for crawling and indexing.

Your blog must have;

  1. A solution, to your target audience issue.
  2. An offer that can help them better.
  3. A lead magnet.

Every month I am generating 30–40 leads through my blogs.

Use it wisely.

One thing to ensure you, I am writing 7000 Words of content daily.


West is already using podcast to its benefits and we in India, have started to use it.

I am personally loving my journey with the podcast. I am just 5 days old in this game, and its a long way to go.

But, I have already closed 1 client through my podcast.

It’s a very cool and easy way to reach to your target audience.

Basic remains the same as blogging, the only difference is in blogging you write and hear you talk and record.


I have been using Quora for the last 4 months, and have closed 9 clients from it.

The kind of work I have got is;

  1. Blog writing.
  2. Social media marketing.
  3. Website development.
  4. Website copy.

You can check my quora profile here.

Quora is a very platform to generate quality leads for your digital marketing agency.

Video Marketing:

Once you have collected data of your prospects, here is what I would suggest.

  1. Record a 2 to 2:30 mins video.
  2. Introduce your service and record things properly.
  3. Focus on your core competency.
  4. Tell your prospect as to why they should hire you.

Video marketing works very smoothly.

So try it.

Reach to your target audience, make it personal.

That’s all for now.

Use them,

I am generating a result, hope it will help you as well.