How do I start a digital marketing agency?

In the 21st century, everyone is looking to start a digital marketing agency.

Moving on,

Let me ask you a few questions before I tell you how to start a digital marketing agency;

  1. What do you know about digital marketing?
  2. Do you have expertise in even 1 skill of digital marketing?
  3. Have you worked with any company till now?
  4. Have you achieved any goal through digital marketing?
  5. Are you good at sales?
  6. Are you good in client servicing?
  7. Are you good in handing manpower?

These are just a few questions, believe me, I have a set of many such questions.

Look, believe me.

This is not a cakewalk.

You know,

Why someone hires a digital marketing agency?

Let me tell you, why?

  1. They hire a digital marketing agency because they want to achieve a goal/target?
  2. They hire you (Or anyone) because they either trust you or want to trust you with hope.
  3. A hope that you (or anyone they hire) help them grow.

Now, do you know;

What matters the most to them?

  1. The goal that they have.
  2. The time you promise to achieve that for them.

Forget money, money does not matter that much.

Now tell me.

Are you someone who can do all this?

If you say yes…

I will guide you to start a digital marketing agency.

But if you can not.


Stop it.

Do not get into a business where you sabotage peoples dream to make money for yourself.

Let’s connect if you want to add value.

Because I am committed to doing that.

The question is?

Are you?